For new users

If you’re wondering where most content is, please make sure to sign up and login to a account or subscribe to NSFW subs via an instance that has NSFW content enabled.

Most notably, a account will not allow you to see adult content hosted on Yiffit

Consider signing up for an account on one of the below recommended instances:

An account on any of these three instances will allow you to access our content as well as other content, both SFW and NSFW on the fediverse and lemmy network of communities.

(click to show) What is an instance? How does lemmy work?

Lemmy is, in a way, similar to Discord. Instances would be the “servers” and communities would be the equivalent of channels.

However, unlike discord there’s no centralized account system. Instead, you sign up at a specific instance / server (called your “home instance”) and interact with other instances and communities with that account.

For users of remote instances

If you already have an account on a non-yiffit lemmy instance: Instances learn about each other’s communities when users subscribe to them for the first time.

Your instance might already know about some Yiffit communities, but in case it doesn’t you can subscribe to them by 1) Going to you’re instance’s search function and 2) searching for the community you want to subscribe to. It must be written in the following format (without quotation marks): “[email protected]”. Notice the exclamation mark at the beginning.

You can get a list of notable yiffit communities in this link.. Simply copy and paste them into your instance’s search bar.

If you’re only able to search for SFW communities, that means your instance does not support NSFW content and you’ll have to register an account on a different lemmy instance.