Welcome! This pinned post will have everything you need to get started as well as useful information about yiffit.net for fellow instance administrators.

First: please log-in on Yiffit.net or subscribe via a NSFW-enabled instance to be able to see all content. This link will give you information on how to be able to view NSFW posts.

Instance overview

With reddit banning NSFW subs via their API and possibly altogether, Yiffit aims to be a free and open alternative dedicated to sharing furry artwork, always with attribution.

Content: SFW & NSFW, leaning towards the latter
Federation: Enabled
Community creation: Enabled via request. Users can create and moderate their own communities!
Registrations: open, with manual approval to prevent abuse
Notable rules:

  • No underage characters.
  • All NSFW content must be appropriately flagged.
  • All posts must have attribution and the DNP list must be respected.
  • Sharing content that is behind a pay wall (piracy) is strictly forbidden.
  • Real NSFW photos and videos are only allowed if they are related to the submitter (eg. a selfie). This is to prevent distribution of sensitive photos without permission of the people depicted in them.
  • Posting via bots is allowed as long as long as it’s within the established frequency limits.

While unusual if you’re not familiar with furry nsfw artwork, this instance’s content is safe and legal to federate with.

DNP, Takedown requests or inquiries can be sent to @[email protected] (Fediverse) or wanderpackmatesorg (email).

If you’re a moderator of a furry or yiff subreddit and would like to jump on board of the moderation team at Yiffit, please let us know!

Notable communities

Please note that you’ll need to be logged in to this instance or any other federated instance which allows NSFW in order to view most of these communities. Lemmy.ml does currently NOT allow you to access adult content from their instance.

Local communities

[email protected] - Discussion about this instance
[email protected] - SFW furry artwork
[email protected] - Casual offtopic posts / chatting
[email protected] - Furry memes
[email protected] NSFW - General Yiff / Furry porn community (all orientations)
[email protected] NSFW - Male solo or Male/Male anthro
[email protected] NSFW - Female solo or Female/Female anthro
[email protected] NSFW - Bondage & domination / submission yiff
[email protected] NSFW - Written stories
[email protected] NSFW - Yiff images containing at least one feral / non-anthro character
[email protected] NSFW - Paws, of course!
[email protected] NSFW - Petplay Yiff
[email protected] NSFW - Vore Yiff
[email protected] NSFW - Gone Wild / Selfie nudes
[email protected] NSFW - IRL Petplay discussion
[email protected] NSFW - Anthro Androids / Synthetic furries
[email protected] NSFW - Anthro males with vaginas (aka c-boys)
[email protected] NSFW - Ancient Yiff (2010 and earlier)
[email protected] NSFW - Yiff IRL memes
[email protected] NSFW Femboy Yiff
[email protected] NSFW Rubber, latex or similar

At this point in time not all communities have content, since Yiffit was created very recently.

Remote communities

These are run by pawb.social, a fellow furry instance. An account on Yiffit will allow you to subscribe to Pawb communities and viceversa. If you’ve got a local account, you can follow the link below to simply click and subscribe.

[email protected] - Furry technologists
[email protected] - Transfurs
[email protected] - Furry musicians
[email protected] - Virtual Reality
[email protected] - Furry
[email protected] NSFW - Transformation

Instance rules

  1. You need to be +18 years old to sign up, view content from or send messages to this instance.
  2. All submissions that are not original content must include attribution in the title.
  3. All submissions that are not original content should include a link to the artist’s gallery or profile. Please note that this should be a page managed by the artist, not a link to e621. Fortunately you’ll find link to valid sources on e621 itself.
  4. Links to the artist’s gallery or profile should not link to pages that are known to be problematic or be dedicated to hosting content featuring underage characters in a NSFW situation.
  5. Submissions from artists in the DNP list are not allowed (see list below).
  6. NSFW artwork featuring underage characters is not allowed.
  7. AI created images are currently not allowed. Once the instance grows large enough we’ll ask for user feedback on how to approach this matter and hear out our user’s opinions.
  8. IRL NSFW content is allowed only if:
  • It is related to you in some way (a photo of yourself, a photo you took, etc…)
  • You have permission to share the photo
  • Every third party in the photo is either blurred out, non-identifiable or you have their permission to publicly share the photo with their faces visible.
  1. Do not post anything that was published behind a paywall and which was not publicly shared by the artist.
  2. If you are an artist, you can advertise yourself in the [email protected] community. There you are free to post links to your Patreon or similar and share links to e-commerce platforms or pricing pages.
  3. More extreme content should be posted under its own community instead of using the general communities.
  4. Aside from underage characters, there is a ban on extreme gore, snuff and similarly sadistic depictions that include some for of mutilation, non-trivial amounts of blood and death. This ban is currently indefinite but will be removed once lemmy has better moderation tools and we have a way to ensure that our site is not used to glorify problematic behavior. The ban on underage characters and characters that can evidently be mistaken of being underage is permanent.
  5. No discussion of anything potentially illegal or which could get the instance in trouble. If in doubt message @[email protected].
  6. No soliciting, advertising or dog-whistling regarding prohibited or illegal content.
  7. No toxicity, no hate speech, no harassment, no brigading, no kinkshaming, no bigotry, etc…
  8. No discussion of politics in local-instance posts and comments. There’s other instances better suited for that. Feel free to use this instance’s account to engage in remote content involving politics as long as it doesn’t fall into the restrictions of rule #15.
  9. If you believe that any content violates the rules, please file a report.
  10. Use the [email protected] to discuss ideas and improvement suggestions.

DNP List

The following artists have expressed their desire to not have their artwork shared even with attribution. Please respect their wishes:

  1. It is a safe assumption that anyone not wanting their artwork shared on e621 wouldn’t want to have it shared on here. Please follow e621’s DNP list as a baseline
  2. Please also make sure you check e621’s conditional DNP list.
  3. (There are no more entries due to Yiffit.net being very new)


Q: Where does the name “Yiffit” come from?
A: It’s a wordplay on a) reddit, which will ban access to NSFW subs via third party apps soon, as well as b) “Yiff it (fuck it), we’ll run our own community with trading card games and femboy foxes”

Q: Who or what is the mascot?
A: It’s a Hyena, due to “Yeen” and “Yiffit” starting with the same language. They have no name yet! Suggestions are more than welcome!

Q: Can I create a community for a specific type of content?
A: Yes, and you’ll be able to moderate it according to your rules as long as it doesn’t violate the overarching instance-wide rules. Also, you will need an account on Yiffit.net to be able to create a new community.

Q: Can I create SFW communities as well?
A: Yes, your success my vary since we’re not a generalist furry instance but you are free to create SFW communities about any topic as long as it follows the overarching instance-wide rules.

Q: I don’t have an account on Yiffit and I’m not fit for moderating a community, but can I still suggest a community so that you can create it?
A: Yes, if you create a post at [email protected], you can request to the staff the creation for a new community you’d like to see.

Q: I’m an artist, can I advertise my commissions on here?
A: Yes! Please send me a message at @wande[email protected] and I’ll create a community for commission adverts!

Q: Can I create a bot that posts automatically?
A: Yes, but it should be limited to one submission every two hours per community and it needs to include attribution at least in the title. We might increase or decrease the bot posting frequency depending on how it goes.