So there are so many Youtube front-ends for Android like ViMusic/RiMusic, spmp, SimpMusic and a big etc… They basically extract the music and add a lot of functionality to the app like translating lyrics, downloading/caching songs, local playlists without Google account, radio mode and that kind of thing.

I know of three programs of this type for Linux (or desktop OS in general) and they’re Moosync, Nuclear Music Player and Youtube-music.

I love Moosync but I miss the radio mode feature that I use a lot in Android apps, then Nuclear I haven’t used for years since I know Moosync and Youtube-music doesn’t appeal to me at all because it’s just a Youtube music web application with plugins… and it doesn’t even have local playlists…

So, does anyone know of any other programs of this kind that actually support radio mode and local playlists?