This post will explain how you can create your own community on Yiffit, regardless of whether you are a local user at this instance or not.

Background: We have restricted the unsupervised creation of communities since that could potentially lead to abuse due to the limited moderating tools that lemmy currently has.

Via request, we will still allow you to create as many communities as you want and to manage them as you see fit. We just want to avoid malicious actors.

The silver lining is that this will also allow us to create communities for remote users!

How to request your own community

The process is very simple:

  1. Make sure you have created an introductory post about yourself at [email protected]. This is the only condition.
  2. Send a private message to @[email protected] with the text “COMMUNITY REQUEST” in all caps and then the following fields:
  • Handle (all lowercase, no spaces, underscore allowed)
  • Display name
  • If it’s a NSFW, SFW or Mixed community
  • Whether everyone or only moderators can make posts

Note: you can create communities about nearly any topic. Non-furry and personal communities are more than welcome.

3a. If you’re a local user, the community will be created for you, you’ll be appointed as mod and then ownership will be transferred to you.

3b. If you’re a remote user, the community will be created for you and you’ll be appointed as mod. @[email protected] will have to stay as owner since we can’t transfer it to you, but we will not interfere with your vision or project for the community.

Community handles will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Community handles need to be unique, but there’s no limit on how many communities about similar topics we create as long as they’re not abandoned straight away and at least some effort is put into them to get them started. Thus, for example, if 10 people want a community about protogens but each with their own style of moderation, we’ll be happy to accommodate you (although we might have a fuse blow due to toaster overload :P).

Despite the restriction on unsupervised community creation, it is still our intention to allow anyone to create any community they see fit as long as it abides by the instances’s overarching rules

  • @Fal
    21 year ago

    Hey, until the time it takes doing it manually is more than the time to write the bot, doing it manually is the better choice